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    Just read an interesting article about TV and movies giving bad expectations for relationships – and causing people to expect more, and want to be single the more they indulge in the romantic televisions and movie fantasies. Of course this makes sense to me, and I am glad to see another author bringing this, and having a recent study to shed some more light on this subject. enchanted-movie-poster

  • dating mistakes 13.03.2010 Comments Off on Guy climbs balcony for surprise midnight date – gets arrested

    A Berlin man who tried to surprise his girlfriend with a bottle of wine and flowers was being creative by climbing to her second story balcony. The girlfriend heard someone one her balcony and called police reporting a possible break in. The cops came and the man ran, when he was caught they realized he was a not a burglar but a guy trying to be romantic with his girlfriend. The cops found he had an outstanding warrant and he went to jail for that.

  • date ideas, dating mistakes, The Dating Game 27.08.2009 Comments Off on The Ugly Truth – Dating Movie for Adults

    What a great movie! The girlfriend and I went to see this in the theater, and we both enjoyed it immensely. As a comedy alone, there were many good laughs and down right hilarious parts to enjoy. As a movie to take a girl or guy on a date – it has one of those “make-you-feel-good endings” that will make you happy to hold hands when you leave the theater. As a movie for singles who could learn some dating rules, it’s great for women to see things from the guys perspective, as is shown quite well in this flick.

  • Dating Advice, dating mistakes, Dating Technology, Fantasy and Reality, The Dating Game 26.06.2009 Comments Off on some of our dating programming exposed in a recent movie

    We rented the movie “he’s just not that into you”, the gf and I had a kind of in home movie date and didn’t expect much but a few laughs. We had some good laughs with this flick, and I enjoyed seeing them expose some of the dating myths and realities in this movie.

  • dating mistakes 27.09.2007 Comments Off on Hints – Men don’t get them (women speak)

    Ladies I have got to tell you, men do not get the subtle hints you think are overly obvious. A recent dating experience left me completely bewildered, and once I spoke with some of other girlfriends, they all agreed that the situation was a great big hint to take her to the bedroom and remove the rest of her clothes, but I didn’t get it. Now I am thinking that she must of thought I rejected her, and I am sure she is thinking about a million reasons why she was rejected, it’s probably hit her self esteem, and all of this because I a was unsure if she was hinting or just flirting and teasing.

  • dating mistakes 23.08.2007 Comments Off on agree or disagree with these 10 online dating mistakes

    I found an article today from yahoo that describes 10 dating mistakes that Evan Katz believes are common for women to make when dating via online dating sites. I do not agree with all his ideas here, but it makes for an interesting read. I wonder if he has considered other ways to look at some of these “mistakes”.  Right off the bat with mistake #10 – I disagree with his viewpoint. Although I do think that it is good to consider that many men out there will still be looking and keeping up with connections after a great date with a good candidate for intimacy, I do not think that every guy in the world is going to write you off after a good date just because he has other options. Perhaps the title of this dating mistake would have made me not disagree so quickly. It’s good advice to consider none the less, and I would like to have seen more detail given to the fact that just because a guy is still talking to other women, he could still be more interested in you than anyone else, so getting past the title and thinking about it more makes more sense to me.

  • dating mistakes 23.08.2007 Comments Off on Online dating scam turns into hostage situation

    Here is another story that makes you want to remind yourself – if it’s too good to be true it probably is. I know that is a tough thing to say about love online, but when there is a $100,000 gold bar dowry at the other end of the online dating opportunity, you gotta think to yourself that there may be more to the ordeal. This guy certainly found that some online dating scams can turn to machete wielding kidnapping problems..

     Kidnapped farmer warns of dangers of online love from yahoo  / Reuters

    Mon Aug 13, 1:34 AM ET

  • Someone messaged me about at article via yahoo personals that talks about some of the possible signals of impending relationship ending.

    Here is a quick synopsis of the things that Elina Furman wrote about ( 5 breakup warning signs – How to tell when you’re about to get the boot )

    1. Picking Fights
    2. Forgetting to Call
    3. Changes in Appearance
    4. Criticizing You a lot
    5. Losing Sexual Interest
  • dating mistakes 28.07.2007 Comments Off on The first date should be cheap

    I hoe the title doesn’t make me seem bad! This is advice that I found at the yahoo dating / relationship advice section. It does make sense. I think the title should be the first date should not cost a fortune, but then again, that wouldn’t get your attention would it?

  • dating mistakes 11.07.2007 Comments Off on research the movie before planning a date at the movies

    This bit of advice really has a lot do with which stage of the relationship you are in. I recently ended up at the movies with a girl that I had been dating for 3 years. At three years, we were in a stage of the relationship where we had to know that we were not going to be married, and we were beyond the whole lovey dovey, romantic love life.