• dating mistakes, Fantasy and Reality 04.10.2012 Comments Off on Romance in TV and Movies bad for relationships

    Just read an interesting article about TV and movies giving bad expectations for relationships – and causing people to expect more, and want to be single the more they indulge in the romantic televisions and movie fantasies. Of course this makes sense to me, and I am glad to see another author bringing this, and having a recent study to shed some more light on this subject. enchanted-movie-poster

  • date ideas, dating mistakes, The Dating Game 27.08.2009 Comments Off on The Ugly Truth – Dating Movie for Adults

    What a great movie! The girlfriend and I went to see this in the theater, and we both enjoyed it immensely. As a comedy alone, there were many good laughs and down right hilarious parts to enjoy. As a movie to take a girl or guy on a date – it has one of those “make-you-feel-good endings” that will make you happy to hold hands when you leave the theater. As a movie for singles who could learn some dating rules, it’s great for women to see things from the guys perspective, as is shown quite well in this flick.

  • date ideas, Dating Stories 06.01.2009 Comments Off on Good night for a movie date

    So a date at the movies sounds like an easy no brainer, it’s been part of the American heritage for many years, but a date at the movies is not as simple as it looks in the movies.

    Tonight was a great night for a movie date, and for several reasons. First off it was an easy choice since there a new film out that we would both enjoy seeing. That takes out the whole “let’s barter about which movie to see”. Often it’s a choice of something the girl is going to enjoy and the guy will be bored with, or visa versa. Tonight that was not an issue. Twilight was still playing, and we both wanted to see it.