• So a date at the movies sounds like an easy no brainer, it’s been part of the American heritage for many years, but a date at the movies is not as simple as it looks in the movies.

    Tonight was a great night for a movie date, and for several reasons. First off it was an easy choice since there a new film out that we would both enjoy seeing. That takes out the whole “let’s barter about which movie to see”. Often it’s a choice of something the girl is going to enjoy and the guy will be bored with, or visa versa. Tonight that was not an issue. Twilight was still playing, and we both wanted to see it.

    Twilight Date Night Movie

    Twilight Date Night Movie

    The main reason that tonight was a perfect choice for the movies was overall timing. We had an hour and half before it started, it was not a weekend night, so the lines would be short or non existent.  Another timing issue was a bad hair day, we both were not having the best hair day, and not a lot of time to get gussied up before doing something together, so a dark movie theater meant no stress about being dressed to the nines for the public fashion show. Guys, if your girl spends an hour and a half getting ready to go out, she probably doesn’t want to go to the movies, she wants to be shown off at someplace a bit brighter and with more people checking the two of you out.

    Another good timing issue for a date night at the movies is that we have been dating for a few months now. I never recommend the movie theater as a place to take date early on. It’s not the best place to engage in conversation and get to know one another, better to leave movies of the list of options for the first few weeks at least.

    So tonights date was a success, we both had a good time, didn’t get stuck around too many people, and we needed some downtime from talking too much and it was nice to just be with each other for a couple hours.

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