• Interesting article found via the Tennessean, originally from a USA today writer, asks the question of what to call the person you are intimately involved with, when you are over 25. I agree that boyfriend and girlfriend may sound childish when you are over 30 in some circles and social situations.

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  • dating questions 18.01.2008 Comments Off on When do online activities cross the cheating line?

    I found a post on some college board talking about how more and more people are using social networks and computer technology to cheat on their lovers. Now I am of course a big fan of using technology for online dating, meeting and networking, but if you are in a relationship with someone who believes there is exclusivity, what actions cross the line?

  • dating questions 26.11.2007 Comments Off on dealing with jealousy while dating part one

    So what do you do when you find yourself getting jealous in a new relationship? Perhaps there are different ways to deal with jealousy depending upon how long you’ve been dating, perhaps there are different types of jealousy depending upon the relationship and what lifestyle and work situation different people are dealing with?

    When I feel the feelings of jealousy I try to look at myself and my own insecurities first. If it’s a worry about money or material things I realize that I am worried about my ability to provide a good lifestyle for my mate and jealousy can arise from my own insecurities. There are several ways to fix that one, and they all have to deal with my self.

  • dating questions 24.11.2007 Comments Off on dating when she has a death in the family

    So we’ve been dating for a few months, a couple of months exclusive, now I have to wonder are things fading away, or is this just a time time since she’s suffered a recent family loss and a funeral. I feel like things between us are not the same, and now I wonder if there is something I have done that has made her mad, I wonder if I’m just being selfish?

  • So I’m in falling for a girl that has kids from a previous relationship, and for the first time I find myself in a dating situation that I have no idea the proper way to handle. What is the proper etiquette for dating a girl with kids? The only thing I have to go by is a few lines in Jerry McGuire and an episode of weeds.

    Anyways, the situation that threw for a loop…

  • So what do you do, or really, how do you do it? I will be making another post about when or why on this subject. But let’s just say that you’ve made the decision to go exclusive, to tell the other people that you are dating that you are going exclusive with someone else. What is the best way to do this?

  • I stumbled across this question from yahoo answers, as it was on the yahoo front page. The question itself was pretty incomplete in my mind, and so was the best rated answer. I think the best rated answer was more of an affirmation that the question asker was looking for than a really good answer. Kind of like the advice that many people are looking for when calling a relationship psychic.

    There is no one answer fits all to this question. How soon to date after a divorce is going to be on a case by case basis. There are so many factors involved. A few that come to mind off the bat include:

  • dating questions 26.09.2007 Comments Off on Dating friends question one – what should I do

    What can you do when you end up setting up a date with a two different people and later find out they are good friends? All kinds of things run through my mind wondering what details they may be sharing, and thinking about the cattiness that may come out between the friends. I suppose there could be all kinds of issues during and after the dates. And what happens if you choose one over the other to continue to see and explore a more intimate relationship with?

  • dating questions 24.09.2007 Comments Off on some before the date rituals

    I wonder what rituals everyone engages in before a date. Generally I look at everyday as the possibility for a date, or to meet someone to setup a later date with, so some of the pre-date rituals are kind of a standard thing for me… deodorant, shaving, decent clothes, breathe mints, those kind of things are part of my daily rituals. But what about the things we do that are extra when going out with someone we are trying to get more and more intimate with?

  • I stumbled upon a post today at wordpress.com from a girl named Heather who was blogging about the issue of not being able to consider marriage because she can hardly find a worthy date. This seems to be a issue that I have been hearing from women I know, and many women around the world.

    I found her link to an LDS guys that are dating for hire quite funny. I am guessing that LDS stands for latter day saints, and from her post I guess that her church requires that dating anyone who is not of the same faith is not permitted.