• dating questions 24.11.2007

    So we’ve been dating for a few months, a couple of months exclusive, now I have to wonder are things fading away, or is this just a time time since she’s suffered a recent family loss and a funeral. I feel like things between us are not the same, and now I wonder if there is something I have done that has made her mad, I wonder if I’m just being selfish?

    She’s experienced the loss of someone real close to her, and had to suffer with hospital emergency rooms, surgery doctors, funeral planning, the wake and the burial. I’ve been available to her and tried to support her in any way I can. Perhaps there just hasn’t been enough time for her to get over the issues troubling her, and everything is okay with us. Perhaps I am being selfish, but there has been a few times when I have wondered if our dating was coming to an end.

    When I have the feeling of lack of love and affection with her, perhaps I am just reading things wrong. I know that I deal with death and funerals different than most, and she is having a hard time with this recent change in her life. Perhaps if I just stick it out everything will work out fine and she will realize that I am here for her.

    I certainly haven’t tried to initiate sex and passionate making out, it’s been only a week. But I can’t help to wonder if there is something more going on, I hadn’t even gotten a kiss or holding hands when we got to hang out and go places together. Maybe I am paranoid, or selfish, just not understanding how hard things are for her. Maybe things are fine. I wonder how long it will be before I know where are dating situation stands.

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