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    I stumbled upon a post today at wordpress.com from a girl named Heather who was blogging about the issue of not being able to consider marriage because she can hardly find a worthy date. This seems to be a issue that I have been hearing from women I know, and many women around the world.

    I found her link to an LDS guys that are dating for hire quite funny. I am guessing that LDS stands for latter day saints, and from her post I guess that her church requires that dating anyone who is not of the same faith is not permitted.

    Aside from that requirement, I must wonder, what are the other things that women are looking for when they judge guys as being “good guys”. I know some good guys, and I have tried to play match maker with some of my friends, but I the girls I have talked to seem to have little interest in dating the “good guys” that I mention. They seem to be more interested in trying to find guys that are into motocross racing, or guys that are in bands and such.

    So maybe I am missing the point, please fill me in. All of these girls who are looking for a date and actively seeking more dating options do not open their eyes to the people who I know are good guys, they are constantly complaining that there are not that many good guys available, but they actively seek guys that I myself would not put into the “good guys” category.

    What am I missing?

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    • Heather says:

      My idea of a good guy is someone who is goal oriented, self-motivated, kind, considerate of others, and is not interested in playing Peter Pan. In other words, a good guy is an adult who is truly a good person.

      Sooner or later, all of us have to grow up. I wrote, “Where have all the good guys gone?” in response to some guys I know who do not want to grow up and tend to blame their actions on scarcity of “good girls”. I have heard some wonderful guys talk about how they cannot find a girl they are interested in, but they are interested in the female equivalent of “guys that are into motocross racing, or guys that are in bands and such.”

      I agree with your analysis. There is a difference between guys that will show a girl a good time and a guy that possesses a good character. It takes a good girl to recognize the difference.

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