• What a great movie! The girlfriend and I went to see this in the theater, and we both enjoyed it immensely. As a comedy alone, there were many good laughs and down right hilarious parts to enjoy. As a movie to take a girl or guy on a date – it has one of those “make-you-feel-good endings” that will make you happy to hold hands when you leave the theater. As a movie for singles who could learn some dating rules, it’s great for women to see things from the guys perspective, as is shown quite well in this flick.

    The Ugly Truth - Adult Dating Movie Posters

    The Ugly Truth - Adult Dating Movie Posters

    If you combined this movie with the “He’s just not that into you” movie, women should get a better understanding of the male thought processes and a guys viewpoint when it comes to dating and the things that many women do that is just plain wrong. When I saw the things in this movie and the other one, I immediately saw the signs of women acting desperate and crazy, the things that make us run away from relationships with otherwise beautiful, and successful women.

    I liked the ugly truth’s blunt realness when it comes to how simple we men are, how simple it is to get our attention. The things that we look for, and the things that we are watching out for. Very true indeed. I also enjoyed the tidbits they threw in about how being totally fake will backfire in the long run, and I hope that people seeing this flick will realize that a good balance of what the guy suggests and being genuine is what is really needed.

    There is some great dating advice in this movie, and great laughs on top of that. The scene with the remote-controlled vibrating panties vibrator was hilarious, it had the entire theater rolling. Well acted, well shot, a great movie that I will probably buy when it comes out on DVD. Look for another follow up post about this flick in the near future!

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