• If you use an old picture in your dating profile and find someone to make a connection with and you both spend hours upon hours getting to know each other online, and then meet and the other person is disappointed or surprised, is it their fault?

    No, I do not think it is their fault, nor do I think that it makes them a shallow person, what it makes them is a victim of your shady, dishonest online dating experience. I know this sounds harsh, but I am not here to blow smoke up your ass, I am here to help you make a good connection, not waste time.

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    Free dating tips from the mate makers dating site

    This is a long list, of things that may seem to be common sense to geeks who are aware of the intricacies  of the online world. But I believe many of the people who are getting into online dating sites are not aware of the many issues that crop up with posting information online.

    There are many issues from con artists trying to use people, to identity thefts that occur with the online world. It is not just adult dating sites, but other social networks like myspace and others that people need to be concerned with protecting their personal details.

  • I met my new neighbor today and she ended up talking about a guy that conned her out of $20,000, a guy that she had met on yahoo personals. She told me about him lying to her and pretending to be someone that he wasn’t. She was obviously her about he whole incident, and she was able to recoup some of the money that she invested in these little business ventures that this guy convinced her he could make a success.