• dating mistakes 13.03.2010

    A Berlin man who tried to surprise his girlfriend with a bottle of wine and flowers was being creative by climbing to her second story balcony. The girlfriend heard someone one her balcony and called police reporting a possible break in. The cops came and the man ran, when he was caught they realized he was a not a burglar but a guy trying to be romantic with his girlfriend. The cops found he had an outstanding warrant and he went to jail for that.

    Stories like this are the reason that I shy away from some of the fantasies that women I have dated have told me about. I have talked to girls who have fantasized about being tied up to a tree and given good sex. Other girls I know have discussed fantasies about having their boyfriend wear a mask and force themselves onto them like a break in. I understand the fantasy and some relationship experts have explained it as being perfectly normal. I however would not want to be explaining to cops that someone had asked for that, so I have never been inclined to do anything that could cause a neighbor or someone to report a possible crime, all in the name of fulfilling a fantasy.

    I do know people that have, and all the power to them.
    Story about the Berlin romantic found via Reuters.

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