• dating mistakes 11.07.2007

    This bit of advice really has a lot do with which stage of the relationship you are in. I recently ended up at the movies with a girl that I had been dating for 3 years. At three years, we were in a stage of the relationship where we had to know that we were not going to be married, and we were beyond the whole lovey dovey, romantic love life.

    So the movie we ended up seeing had a lot of romance and that whole Hollywood magic relationship crap. Well we didn’t know it was going to be like that, and really it made things uncomfortable for the both of us. These kinds of things are especially worse if there are other new couples in the theater and you can see them getting close to each other and crap.

    The same is true for other stages of relationships, you may not want to see something that is overly sexual if you are on a first date, and you should probable get to know someone better before choosing to see movies that would be considered controversial.

    With a ton of information available today about all the movies out there, and most of the info also available on a cell phone, there should be no excuse for putting you and your date into an uncomfortable movie situation – research the flick before you buy the tickets.

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