• dating mistakes 27.09.2007

    Ladies I have got to tell you, men do not get the subtle hints you think are overly obvious. A recent dating experience left me completely bewildered, and once I spoke with some of other girlfriends, they all agreed that the situation was a great big hint to take her to the bedroom and remove the rest of her clothes, but I didn’t get it. Now I am thinking that she must of thought I rejected her, and I am sure she is thinking about a million reasons why she was rejected, it’s probably hit her self esteem, and all of this because I a was unsure if she was hinting or just flirting and teasing.

    Of course I thought for a moment that she may be drunk and ready to go all the way, but I am too much of a gentlemen to take advantage of a drunk girl, even if we had been out several times, and all the indicators were that she is interested in me. Call me old fashioned, or neo-gentlemen, but I don’t want the first time to be a drunken mistake that is easily forgotten. Is it too much to want the first time to be a sober experience?

    Back to the hints. Ladies if you are dropping hints left and right and the guy you are with seems completely oblivious, he is.  I have now had several talks with many different women about hints they may or may not drop on dates, and I am completely amazed. To think of all the hints I have been given and unknowingly rejected all these years. I’m sure there are many more too. Somehow we need a women’s hint book so guys can get a clue. This would be a bestseller no doubt. It’s my idea first!

    Sometimes you just can’t depend on hints,many guys will be unsure will tend to lean on the side of caution and not take a hint for what it is, even if they do catch it, as many of us are so scared of rejection, that we’d rather keep waiting for a sure thing than misread an obvious hint. If you want intimacy, sometimes you are going to have to initiate it. Many of us men out here would really appreciate it.

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