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    I found an article today from yahoo that describes 10 dating mistakes that Evan Katz believes are common for women to make when dating via online dating sites. I do not agree with all his ideas here, but it makes for an interesting read. I wonder if he has considered other ways to look at some of these “mistakes”.  Right off the bat with mistake #10 – I disagree with his viewpoint. Although I do think that it is good to consider that many men out there will still be looking and keeping up with connections after a great date with a good candidate for intimacy, I do not think that every guy in the world is going to write you off after a good date just because he has other options. Perhaps the title of this dating mistake would have made me not disagree so quickly. It’s good advice to consider none the less, and I would like to have seen more detail given to the fact that just because a guy is still talking to other women, he could still be more interested in you than anyone else, so getting past the title and thinking about it more makes more sense to me.

    I do agree completely with the next two suggestions. You should pay attention to your intuition and it certainly is not a mistake to write a guy first. I can tell you that it is exciting for a guy to get an email from a girl he has yet written. Heck, we may not even know that you are out here in the dating pool, and have no idea that we may things in common. A quick note in the email box is equivalent to handing a guy something to show that you have no wedding ring on your finger. I think this may be the biggest mistake women make, it’s good to write guys and get some conversation started. Certainly this may be a way to find more quality men as well. The girls who’s email boxes I have seen seem flooded with guys that are not the kind they are really looking for, and spending a lot of time sifting through or waiting for mail from the wrong guy is not a proactive approach to finding the good ones. Even if there are a lot of good fish in the sea it doesn’t mean you can just sit there on the dock and wait for the good ones to jump to you.

    Mistake #7: Expecting Him to Tell the Truth in His Profile – I really want to skip over commenting on this, but I need to say that I am honest in my profiles. The stats Evan throws out in this article made me chuckle, then consider how most people really do these things, or things change and are not edited in a timely manner.

    Do people really do mistake 6 in this list?

    I don’t really agree with the other 5 on this completely either.. but it makes for an interesting read.

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