• A study I read about today talks about how many women that are not married feel a lot of stigma and pressure in today’s society in many ways. Some call it a “spinster” syndrome, and I didn’t even know what that was until I looked it up on wikipedia. Whoa, seriously?

    I knew there were issues and pressures on occasion in today’s society when it comes to marriage and kids. I have engaged in discussions on social networks about how it is annoying to both men and women when we are single, not married, and have no kids in some situations. It almost feels like total disrespect when people start showing baby pictures at work and we have nothing to add to the conversation.

  • dating mistakes 13.03.2010 Comments Off on Guy climbs balcony for surprise midnight date – gets arrested

    A Berlin man who tried to surprise his girlfriend with a bottle of wine and flowers was being creative by climbing to her second story balcony. The girlfriend heard someone one her balcony and called police reporting a possible break in. The cops came and the man ran, when he was caught they realized he was a not a burglar but a guy trying to be romantic with his girlfriend. The cops found he had an outstanding warrant and he went to jail for that.

  • We watched a news video segment today featuring one of the country’s top pickup artists. He was being interviewed about tips for men to pick up women for dates, and talked about his 3 day bootcamp. It was a fairly short interview, but he did offer a unique piece of advice that contradicts what many people say about initial dating and picking up people – in a way.

  • Breaking Up, Cheating, Dating Technology 11.02.2010 Comments Off on Technology helping and hurting dating and relationships

    We focus a lot on the technology that helps people in the dating game, web sites to find dates, apps that help people hook up, and more. There have been articles recently about technology getting in the way of relationships as well. It’s not that technology and gadgets are good or bad, it’s all a matter of how (and when) you use them.

  • A recent video notebook entry from “Don’t call me a cougar” Katie Couric talks about the plight of successful single women, and calls the current jobs situation in our country a reason for a “mancession” – A few of the highlights of her “mancession notebook video” entry that appeared on cbs news:

    • women earn 58% bachelor degrees and entering workforce in record numbers
    • 80% of loss jobs were held by men
    • ratio in favor – give guys upper hand – men license for behaving badly
    • integrity, character, and shares the same values
  • Today I found an entry on urban dictionary for “it’s complicated” as a relationship status on social networks, particularly on facebbok. I was eager to read how some decided to define the status “It’s complicated” when explaining to the world and your friends on facebook. What I read on urban dictionary was not anywhere near complete, and it surprised me that it had gotten so many votes. So I had to add my own entry and hopefully enlighten the world that uses that portal for definitions, that it can certainly mean more than what the original author had posted as a definition.

  • Dating Stories 15.01.2010 Comments Off on Cougars and MILFs dating younger men becomes more mainstream

    So there has been a movement the past couple of years to name older women in the dating scene cougars, especially when they are looking for younger men, or younger guys were seeking older or more mature women. I had thought we were all going to stick to the word MILF, but I suppose cougar is a better choice for several reasons.

  • Dating Stories 12.01.2010 Comments Off on Outlook bleak for men’s future dating options in China

    A news story found via yahoo, and reported by the AFP has a headline

    Skewed China birth rate to leave 24 mln men single

    It seems that China’s population limits of one child per family along with the cultural preference of having male children instead of female children, so they can carry the family name and I assume be stronger and earn more money or resources, is set to backfire in the next decade.

    From the article:

    Researcher Wang Guangzhou said the skewed birth ratio could lead to difficulties for men with lower incomes in finding spouses, as well as a widening age gap between partners, according to the Global Times.

  • Fantasy and Reality 09.01.2010 Comments Off on 10 things good boysfriends don’t ask – depends

    I found an article today that a woman wrote, saying these 10 things a good boyfriend will not ask of his mate. I have to disagree. At first I disagreed completely and was a little miffed about her way of writing, but after a second read, I have to say, that these things really depend upon the people involved, what kind of relationship the two have, and other factors in the daily lives of those involved. Perhaps in some relationships her suggestions may be true, but I find them totally out of sink with reality for many situations. If she doesn’t want these things in her life, that is fine, but writing as a dating editor I think it is in bad taste to make such a blanket statement that if someone asks you to do laundry or plan a vacation that that makes them a bad boyfriend. Get real.

  • Science of Dating 07.12.2009 Comments Off on Still dating at 40 – never married – you may be ultra-independent

    For many people some kind of social clock gets ticking, about being married before you are 40. Sure there are benefits to getting married, but there are also drawbacks, then there is the societal pressure to contend with. A new study suggests however that the never married category of people may actually be ultra-independent and well adjusted, where marriage may not be the best course for us.

    dating at 40 and loving it

    dating at 40 and loving it