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    We watched a news video segment today featuring one of the country’s top pickup artists. He was being interviewed about tips for men to pick up women for dates, and talked about his 3 day bootcamp. It was a fairly short interview, but he did offer a unique piece of advice that contradicts what many people say about initial dating and picking up people – in a way.

    I really enjoyed Adam’s rebuttal of the classic saying that “confidence is what attracts women (and men)” – it was nice to hear him offer an example and an alternative. He said that often times the over-confident men who approach women simply come off as ego-centric braggarts, and that’s not really what women want. Sure there are girls out there who are attracted to that type of guy, but when it comes to relationships, and getting one started perhaps another method will be more useful. Adam suggests simply walking to to woman casually introduce yourself and say hello.

    Don’t get me wrong, you do have to have some self confidence, I mean, if you are all down on yourself, and giving off body language like you hate yourself, how is anyone else gonna like you? Maybe, just maybe that might work with some of the goth and emo folks, but even in that circle having just enough self confidence to hold your held up and say hello, well, that goes a long way. No staring at the ground and fidgeting, just be casual.

    He suggested that you spend less time bragging and acting overconfident, and spend more time listening to and responding to that the other person has to say. This is classic, good advice, and anyone who has read Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends and Influence People will know, this is very true in most any situation. Whether you are dating, trying to get a date, or making friends or business acquaintances, listening to someone, and engaging them about their interests is an important aspect of getting people to like you, and perhaps reciprocate with interest in you.

    He offered some more tips, and I must admit that I am not sure I am spelling his name right, I tried to find the web address of the bootcamp he is doing, I think it is in Austin Tx – but I did some searches and couldn’t find it. I tried to make notes from watching the video clip. Maybe you will have better luck watching the video.

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