• Today I found an entry on urban dictionary for “it’s complicated” as a relationship status on social networks, particularly on facebbok. I was eager to read how some decided to define the status “It’s complicated” when explaining to the world and your friends on facebook. What I read on urban dictionary was not anywhere near complete, and it surprised me that it had gotten so many votes. So I had to add my own entry and hopefully enlighten the world that uses that portal for definitions, that it can certainly mean more than what the original author had posted as a definition.

    Here is my addition to the first “It’s complicated” entry at urban dictionary:

    Can also mean a relationship status that does not fit into the status quo, or the options that are available in the chekboxes for forms. A favorite choice that is now available on facebook for people who are in three-way relationships, or other polyamorous relationships including swinging, bisexual openness, and others.

    “How do I tell me friends that I am in a relationship with my primary partner, but I am open to intimate adventures with other girls for bisexual threeomes?” I don’t want to scare off any potential thirds, but I want to keep all the annoying social network stalkers from hounding me everyday…

    Check “it’s complicated”

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    • chatty girl says:

      Yeah, it’s complicated can be for all kinds of dating or relationship situations. Not everyone fits into the standard relationship categories of single, married or divorced. These days there are many types of relationships that are not your typical standard types most people are familiar with.
      There are more and more people who are living with ex’s and dating others, there are more and more people who are maried and dating as well. I know a lot of swingers who are in open relationships as well. Of course there are those people who are out dating and sleeping around that are now telling their husband or wife and they are just cheating.
      I think these days there are many more complicated relationship types than you would of found in the 1950s.

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