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    I read an article today published on CNN that gives advice for picking up and dating tall women. Tips written by a girl who is over six feet tall, (By Susannah Breslin, The Frisky ) kind of surprised me. I had never considered there were issues when trying pick up really tall girls, as I generally seek out petite girls, which have their own set of issues.

    She mentions to stay away from the cheesy lines, and this advice reigns true with all women I believe, however I was surprised to hear some of the lines she is tired of hearing! So called lame attempts at striking a conversation such as “How’s the weather up there?” and “Do you play basketball?” – people really say these things? She then talks about some of the other issues for men dating really tall chics.

    She says to get over it, don’t focus on it, or obsess about it. She says that she knows she is tall, and is fine with it. I suppose this is like a girl having big boobs and people always focusing on them or making issues around them. Seriously no need to obsess, stare and talk too much about anybody’s unusual physique in my mind.

    Really tall woman, shorter guy

    Really tall woman, shorter guy

    She talks about things like treating her like a lady, not a basketball player. She says not to have anxiety about having sex, as she considers everyone to be the same height in bed. She also goes on to talk about losing the anxiety about going out together when she towers above you. I really think the last part may be the toughest to get over.

    I have friends who are shorter men, and I can tell that it becomes an issue for them. Certainly there is some society pressure and norms about being taller, and short guys tend to get at least a little complex about being shorter than the girl they are dating. Guys can don some of those riser shoes to add on inch or two, but I would suggest to tall girls not adding inches with your own shoes. Sure you may feel sexy in heels, but towering over your man or man you want to attract may not help your pursuit of happiness. Keep the heels in the bedroom where you can be the same height and look sexy as well. It’ll be better for your back, your partner’s ego and relationship all the way around.

    My random thoughts for the day, what do you think about the height issues with shorter guys or taller women?

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    • It’s all about respect in the first place, even if they are tall, they are still women and need to be treated as one. There’s really no issue there. I’ve seen lots of couples where the woman is taller than the man and they looked happy. It’s all about handling a person right, accepting and admiring them for whatever height they might have.

      • Steve says:

        That is true adult match maker site – I think there is also the need for a shorter man to address his possible insecurities when making public appearances together as well, for if you are having insecure thoughts about your height, or how you are being perceived by others; it’s bound to show on the exterior in some way. I have known guys that have bough special shoes and boots to appear taller when joining their mate for a night out. I have often wondered if that helped, or if it was simply a sign that they were going to be acting a bit nervous or otherwise out of character when chatting with other people while standing. I think it is truly more about getting inside your own head and making sure your self confidence is up to a level where height or other people’s perceptions make no difference.

        Similar things would certainly apply for those tall guys dating really petite girls. Often it’s more about your own feelings on the inside than what is going on on the outside.

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