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    A recent study finally puts some scientific numbers to show that people who are more beautiful are generally happier than people who look average or are ugly. The numbers in this study combined with another recent study about jobs, and another from a popular dating site show that the hotter girls are often passed up for job opportunities and dating options as well.

    Very interesting to see these stories lately, and kudos to Jessica Bennett for putting these three studies together for the evidence of this surprising data in this great article at the Daily Beast. When I first saw the story about hotter girls getting the thumbs down for new jobs,  I also thought about how many women are losing job opportunities not only when sending in a glamorous photo with a resume’, but also with many employers checking facebook pictures and other places to see if the girl’s beauty would be cause for concern in the workplace.

    I think about the book, “in the company of women” and how the authors have shown that in a work group, women prefer things to be in a “power dead even rule” – where all things are equal between the women. So being too hot, or having flashy clothes, and or jewelry and even just a nicer car than the other women int he group could cause issues. I also thought about how there are many women handling the hiring these days and man of them may pass on a hotter girl knowing that it could be a distraction for the men in the office, and thus just saving productivity, and perhaps avoiding lawsuits or something.

    She is too hot for me

    She is too hot for me

    The info in the OkCupid study that says men are pursuing the average and below average girls many more times that the hotter girls is no surprise to me either. It’s nice to have some definitive numbers to prove it – but I am sure there are many reasons for this. This is one reason I suggest that women use profile pics that are not all glamored up – make yourself average in appearance – you will score more often then the girl with the model shots.

    There’s many more details in the studies and the numbers. We could have lots of conjecture about why people do the things they do as well. For now, my advice is for women to keep the pictures on their dating profiles, facebook, myspace, etc to be as plain jane as possible. Go for looking average whether you are hot or ugly, average seems to get you most prospects for dates and jobs. You can always glam it up when you go out, or get sexier with subsequent dates, just keep those camera phone pics of you looking ultra sexy off of facebook, and make sure your friends don’t tag you in ways that may make you look less professional, it could cost you chances for love and money.

    I will write more on this later, perhaps in the comments below.

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    • sarah too-hot says:

      I know how this goes with the dating and job thing, it sucks. When I go out it seems like the good guys only talk to my friends, thinking that I am going to be mean to them or something. I have been told that I am too hot for the average guy to approach me. It seems like the only guys who talk to me are full of themselves, or at least acting like they are God’s or something. I can’t stand those guys. I am looking for real, genuine, and down to earth.
      I have had similar experiences with jobs too. It seems that the only places that are hiring me are because I am good looking, and they want to use me for that in some way. The good down to earth jobs seem to be handed out to my average friends. I have decided to change the way I dress and do makeup to downplay my curves, and not show off my legs. Doing this has put me in better situations with my employment options it seems. Before I did what I call my average gal makeover, I am not being treated well by people who want to sleep with me. I am also not treated with scorn my the other girls who are jealous over the attention I was getting. Wish I had read those articles a couple years ago. Seeing it this way would of saved me years of trial and many errors.
      I blame tv more making me think that I always ned perfect makeup and sexy style. In the tv fantasy land people can dres sexy, look good, and still be treated professional, or find real good guys. In the real world, dressing like they do in Hollywood does not do very well here in my hometown.

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