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    I just stumbled upon an article from a news station that has an interview from a private investigator who says his business is swamped for valentines day. Apparently it’s a good day to catch someone cheating. It seems that it’s believed many people will try to spend time with their spouse or primary lover, but also get away and spend some time with the person that they are cheating with.

    My favorite quote goes something like “you can trust people, but you need to verify”. Well it sucks, but I guess it’s true. He says that the economy has caused more cheating. I’m not sure if his data can gauge what is really going on. Certainly a loss of resources could drive a partner to seek another lover. One of the theories of ECP or extra couple partnering that scientists have seen in many species, is the thought that having sex outside the primary relationship could bring access to more resources.



    I am not convinced that a bad economy causing more cheating, but if his private investigator business is busier, perhaps it could be that a shrinking economy is causing more people to feel insecure about their relationships, and therefore more calls to PI’s to double check the validity of their monogamy agreements.

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    Oh who knows I never thought about v-day as a good day to catch a cheater, I figured any day is good for that, but perhaps it would be easier to spot some infidelity on this day. I wonder if the PI is going to report how many of the eleven couples that he was checking up on, failed. Of course that doesn’t tell much, once someone hires someone to checkup on a spouse, there is usually a higher chance that something is happening already, but that’s just my gut feeling, which I have learned the hard way, I should trust more than anyone else.

    Even more in the news this week, in an article from 11alive news there is this: “”If there’s anything going on, a spouse will more than likely make contact with a lover on Valentine’s Day, the day before or the day after,” says Ruth Houston, author of the book, Is He Cheating on You? 829 Telltale Signs.”

    this article later goes on to say:

    The dismal economy is making it more difficult, though, for people to afford a private investigator.

    David Hill, an investigator in Tuscaloosa, Ala., says he has had lots of inquiries in recent weeks, but often callers cannot afford his $1,500 retainer.

    This Valentine’s Day is one of the few in the past two decades that has not triggered a surge in clients, says Kelly Riddle, owner of Kelmar & Associates in San Antonio, a firm of 39 private investigators.

    It’s the economy, Riddle says: “If they have a cheating spouse with a job, now is not the time to rock the boat.”

    So some people believe that a cheating spouse with a good job is okay if there are not a lot of jobs going around? I’m not sure that opinion is shared by everyone, although I do no know many people who would probably not mind if their millionaire mate was cheating on them, so I guess if everyone else is your area is seriously broke, just having a decent job is like being a millionaire to some people. Hmmm.. a bonus in the recession – just having a job in places like detroit or Ohio may give you the extra pair coupling privileges often reserved more millionaires or celebrities.

    Oh my, as the dating world turns.

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