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    a recent study commissioned by zoosk! online dating shows that a good percentage of singles in the UK are quite comfortable using technology like text messages, emails, and online dating sites to connect with other singles in the dating scene. Most surprising to me is the percentage of people who said they are quite comfortable sharing some personal information out on the open internet for the world to see.

    Sexual Attraction Through Text Messaging

    Sexual Attraction Through Text Messaging

    Sending naughty or nude photos seems to be the norm amongst a majority of the women surveyed:

    The survey found that 51% of single women and 44% of single men have, at one point or another sent a naughty picture of themselves to someone else. And of those who haven’t, almost a third (30%) said they wouldn’t rule it out in the future.

    Seems that the attitudes of the singles who are dating these days is changing faster and faster. Of course other types of internet sharing have taken off as well, married people and people who are not dating are also posting more and more information on the internet, and using the newer forms of communication. It appears that dating singles do prefer text messaging to emails, IMs, or twittering your relationship interest.

    I started thinking about reasons people prefer to text when they are courting one another these days. I can think of many reasons why this form of communication is so popular with singles when they are flirting and getting to know one another. Of course I can also point out many drawbacks to using this method, especially if you are not experienced in texting lingo etiquette.

    I’ll post more about this later.

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