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There are several web sites that are geared toward finding love as a main goal for the online dating consumer. Some of these sites employ many techniques to help you find matches that are most compatible in a variety of personality areas to find a partner that will have a higher probability of a love being in the air.

These love focused web sites are for people who are looking to get serious with a partner or mate. Some people are looking for soul mates, or to be married happily ever after. The love focused adult dating sites attempt to find people that will be long lasting partners in complimentary relationships.

People looking to a find more casual dating, a sex partner quickly or just some fun times will most likely enjoy of the sexually themed adult dating portals.

The methods are varied and unique to each site for the most part, and some have relationship experts involved in the process of creating the compatibility algorithm that is supposed to find other with the right balance of similar interests. I am not sure how much goes into the algorithm for opposites that can enhance a relationship, although certainly there has been some consideration in this issue. Obviously if a program was designed to only find people with similar traits then there would be many no sense connections. If for example a dominant male was connected with a dominant female, it may not work for the relationship as well as if there were opposites in some areas.

One day a computer will be able to read your blogs and style of writing along with other factors and determine your personality and find other’s who share similar beliefs and lifestyle while maintaining a complementary personality that is beneficial to each partner involved.

Until then however, we will still need to spend time getting to know each other and having honest communication and then decide for ourselves with a bit of intuition rather and computer bits deciding these things. Of course with millions of people online it certainly can’t hurt to have a computer program filter our some of the results and give us a better pool of people to look further into with human eyes.

Some of the popular love / relationship based dating portals include match dot com and eHarmony.


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