• Dating Stories, Fantasy and Reality 18.06.2009 Comments Off on A threesome that never happened

    One night when I went out with an ex girlfriend and her friend, I thought we may end up in a threesome sex adventure before the night was over. Things started well, they both knew we were all relatively single, all of us were dating around, and we all got along. They were good friends and comfortable flirting with each other and me. I knew they were both bisexual to some degree and they both appeared to enjoy my company, so we went to a few places around town that sort of turned into a three way date.

  • I’ve dated several girls over the years who are / were bisexual, and there are both pluses and minuses to the whole bisexual dating scene. Of course most people who have not dated a bisexual girl or guy think about the ultimate threesome fantasy and about kinky threeway sex, and certainly that can be great fun, and sometimes it can lead to incredible love being shared, but it’s not all Hollywood or a porno flick the whole time, there can be downsides to it as well.