• The Dating Game 06.12.2007

    Today it dawned upon me that I have been used in the dating game many times over the years. At this moment I can think of several times recently when I was being used, and a few of the times I didn’t even realize it.

    Used to make another jealous. I should of know this one when it happened, but I didn’t realize it until the next date. This girl I knew showed up at the same club I was at and she gets all nice and close to me talking and such and it seemed like a nice conversation. Friendly and warm, I thought it was just me (damn ego), we talked for a while and hugged goodbye. The next day I find out that she was using me to make this guy she was at the club with jealous. I guess playing the game to make him want her more or something. Now if the conversation she was having with me was genuine I guess no big deal, but if she changed the way we conversated, like getting real close, or changing body language or facial expression with the intent of making this other guy jealous, then that sucks and I do mind that.

    Another being used in the dating game recent events. Maybe this is not so recent, but one getting used memory has made me think of others. The 4am booty call. We had been lovers a few years back, when she called at 4am and asked what I was doing, I knew that she wasn’t wanting me to come over and have long conversations to see if we could connect on some deeper level. I knew she wanted me to come over and have sex. Yeah, the idea sounded good to me, and the main thing I was worried about was whether or not it was going to take a lot of time to get from start to home run. I was also concerned that she may be drunk and not really wanting to hookup. Well, she wasn’t drunk, and once she answered the door in pajamas I knew we were straight to the bedroom. This is the kind of being used that I don’t mind at all. It’s fine with me because there are no false expectations, it doesn’t lead me to believe that there is a chance for us to get back together more often. It’s real.

    More one this issue of being used, both good and bad, coming up in part two later.

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