• I had read an article a couple weeks ago, but having a hard time finding it today! Oh, did some different search phrases and found it! The article was posted at the San Fransisco Chronicle. I am pretty sure the article was about some guys that got together and filed a lawsuit against the dating site amateur match.



    Apparently several men have gotten together and are accusing the site of sending fake “women who are interested” emails – seducing men into paying for a membership upgrade in order to further communicate with these women, who are not real, but automatically generated, generic emails from the company. I am not sure if there is any truth to this or not. I seem to remember a similar suit being filed against match dot com ( I THINK) a couple years back.

    I have also seen similar claims made against adult friend finder (another sponsor / affiliate we have a relationship with wit this site) – on sites like rip off report I think. It’s hard for me to tell since I have not seen all of the emails in question. I wonder. I wonder if they are suggesting they got duplicate emails from different users, and that seems like a scam, I can understand seeing it that way. I also must consider that they could be getting duplicate emails from other members, because there are other members out there simply copying and pasting to many people at once.

    Some times there are members of these sites that are girls, or people posing as girls, that send out tons of messages to people just so they can try to get guys to send money, or sing up for some cam site or something. I believe that can happen without the main dating portal / site being involved in it. I also believe that you would see several duplicate emails that way, as most of these spammers are simply doing the copy paste thing, and so are some legitimate users as well.

    I believe we have talked about sending the copy paste messages before. I think many people have done it, and I would be willing to bet that many women feel they need to in order to simply keep up with all of the message that want to reply to. It is no secret that many of these dating sites have about four times as many men as they do women. Certainly there comes a point where you can not write an original reply to all of the people who are messaging you. I know, but we still discourage using a standard form letter to reply to other people who are trying to get to know you better.

    I can’t wait to find out more details about this alleged issue with Amateur Match, they are an affiliate that we promote here at the site. If we find that they are scamming people, we will have to delete them from our ads. If you have had any issues with using the service there, please let us know.

    Certainly everyone needs to be careful when getting baited to give up money or even information on any web site. Sometimes it may be a scam site out there trying to get you to spend some extra money, and sometimes there will be individual people out there using sites to try to bilk you out of money, or even just time, or simply information. I have seen so called “girls” in the chat rooms, and on other adult dating sites that try to get you to give up an email addy (so they can spam it, and sell it some other spam friends) – try to get credit cards, or money orders sent to them. I have even seen girls beg and beg and beg for money, even saying things liek hey, $5 sent to me would make all the difference in the world.

    The thing is, we all need to be careful out there, and make sure that you know when you spend an extra $29.99 on a site, or spend the extra dollar to send and receive a message on some sites – then it’s really a gamble. You are gambling that something might happen, it’s a gamble! You don’t know if the other person is real, if they are crazy, if they are a scammer, or if it is some automated chain message from a bot from the dating site, or someone else just abusing it’s use.

    The way I look at it, I am willing to gamble 30$ on finding a date and getting laid. Maybe it is paying for a featured profile on adult friend finder. Maybe it is getting a premium membership to another match site, or paying a few dollars to send and receive emails. Either way, it’s a gamble. If it works – great! best $30 I could spend, if it’s just a scam, then eh, it’s only $30. Live, learn, move on.

    I suggest getting a different credit card, or debit card, or using a paypal account with limited funds if you are going to sing up with a site that you are unsure of. There are several other online dating and chat room safety concerns to be aware of too. We will post and link to those later, also realize you don’t want to end up like my neighbor. She found a real person, on a big nation dating site, they hooked up, got along for a few months, and then he ran away with $20,000 she had lent him for his business. If she had done a $28 background check on the guy, she would of known that he told her all kinds of lies and would of known better then to get into a bad financial relationship with someone you can’t even be honest in an intimate one.

    Food for though. More later. Questions, comments welcome.

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