• Sending a break up email? It’s a sign of the times, more and more people are breaking up via text messages, emails, im, myspace and facebook mail these days. Sometimes writing a good break up email can be harder than breaking up in person, face to face or on the face. After all, when you are talking to someone, they can hear your pauses, your sadness or nervousness and other audible cues. When you break up in person, the face to face cues about sorrow and regret, or lack thereof can be obvious. When you break up via electronic communcation many of these audible and visual cues.

    Maybe it’s anger that you need to convey, or a pet peeve. Perhaps it’s just too much of a good thing, whatever the issue is, you can get a breakup email written for you, for free at breakupemail.com. It’s actually kind of fun, I wrote a breakup letter to myself, thinking about what my girl may think if she was breaking up with me, and the free online software creating a hilarious, albeit serious, well pointed break up email that made me think about what she may say if she dumped me. It was humbling, and funny at the same time.

    I suggest people actually use the service to create a breakup email for themselves, it gave me a clue about how I may be perceived, and things I could work on to be better in a relationship for her. It is also a great place to get an email written for your soon to be ex lover. You may send it as is, or you may decide to edit the email the site creates for you.

    It’s a fun free service, wish I had thought of this idea myself.

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