• dating mistakes 18.06.2007

    I met my new neighbor today and she ended up talking about a guy that conned her out of $20,000, a guy that she had met on yahoo personals. She told me about him lying to her and pretending to be someone that he wasn’t. She was obviously her about he whole incident, and she was able to recoup some of the money that she invested in these little business ventures that this guy convinced her he could make a success.

    I wasn’t surprised at all that she said she met this guy on the internet through yahoo personals, but what did surprise me is that she said she would never meet anyone online after this experience. This is one of those situations that makes me think about the need for taking one’s time with any new relationship, and the need for doing a background check on anyone that seems to good to be true.

    I think it is easy for us to want love so much that we will rush into a relationship and go head over heels into someone’s arms not considering that the one who seems like mr. or ms. right could be mr. or ms. con. I do not want to say that meeting someone online calls more for a background check that someone who meet in the real world. But it is easier to lie about past work history and other things when you know nothing about someone. If you meet someone at work, chances are you’ll know more about the person’s history and will be able to get feedback from other people around. Online this is rare, and can easily faked.

    The moral of the story is that when you get into the dating pool, online or off, you should take you time before rushing into it. A background check is a useful tool to see if someone is lying to you before you even get deep into a relationship. If someone seems to be to be true, take your time and look for other clues to see if it is.

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    • adult friend says:

      This is a story that I have heard from several people, online and off. The dating world can be a wonderful place to meet people, but we must remember that for every great date out there, there are certainly other adults who are looking to use dating as a way to further some kind of hidden agenda.
      I wonder what the percentage is? Perhaps 10 percent?

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