• I have now watched the first three episodes of Tough Love on VH1 with matchmake Steve teaches 7 women new rules in the dating game, and I am impressed and entertained more than expected.

    Tough Love show w Steve Ward

    Tough Love show w Steve Ward

    The previews caught my attention, but good editing can make any show or movie for that matter, to appear great, even if the final product is lacking. After the first three episodes I am impressed with the entertainment of the show, and the candid advice that it offers to so many different personalities of women. I do think that there could be more details in some of the advice and further explanation, but they are trying to cram a lot into a one hour show.

    My favorite part so far is that after doing something with the girls, they show a video interview process of what men are thinking. After a speed date, a quick catwalk presentation, a cocktail mixer, after a sexy photo shoot, and after a lingerie party, we have gotten feedback about men’s thoughts of the girls. This is a great idea, and it tells a lot. Some of the feedback is taken as quite harsh by some of the girls, but I think the guys were actually kind of reserved in their criticism.

    I’ve heard guys say many more crude things when judging the way women dress or act in conversations. The guys on the show that were interviewed did offer some good thoughts, but there was not quite enough advice given about conversation skills and wardrobe makeovers in my opinion. Perhaps more advice has been given off camera, or perhaps much of it had to be edited out to fit so much into the time slot available.

    I am really looking forward to next weeks show, as there appears to be some interesting entertainment on the way. So far it appears to me that giving dating advice in the show may help those who watch it more than those who are in it. I’m not sure if the show is being made day after day, or week after week, but the advice given doesn’t seem to sink in with some of the girls. Perhaps there just isn’t enough time to make major changes in people’s way of projecting their personality in the time the show has.

    I did enjoy the showing of what is sexy compared to simply slutty in this weeks show. I also enjoyed the advice given last week to the stripper girl, that showing your tits can get you guy’s attention, but it’s not going to get you into a meaningful relationship. I like the one on one talks Steve gives to the girls, and I’m wishing there were more of these sessions shown. Perhaps there is more shown on the VH1 web site, I haven’t checked it out yet.

    Good stuff to learn about the dating process, and good entertainment all in one show. Congrats to the producers, the editors, and everyone else involved in this show. It is quite rare that I give props to a TV show, especially a reality tv show at that.

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