• Found these tidbits in an article about body language at Web MD:

    Body Language Put to the Test continued…

    First dates. First dates are laden with body language signs that can help you gauge whether or not a person is interested.

    “Men tend to talk a lot on first dates when they’re interested in a woman,” says Wood. “If you’re interested back, make eye contact and listen.”

    If either person isn’t interested, and looks around the room and avoids eye contact, that’s a sign that a second date isn’t likely.

    Other first-date tips?

    “When men touch a woman on the small of her back to walk her through a door, that’s a sign of confidence and interest,” says Wood.

    For women, it’s the length of their touch that measures their interest. While short, less-than-a-second touches are appropriate, touches that are too long could convey an intimate meaning.

    Of course there are many other things to consider on a first, second or later date. Sometimes timing plays a crucial part of body language. Is the person you are trying to read having some other issues in life that are distracting him or her? Is the person sitting across from you being distraction simply by movement because they are facing the door or a walkway where a lot of people are going by. I generally try to avoid sitting in a position that would leave too many distracting movements in my vision if I am trying to focus on my date, but sometimes that is unavoidable.

    There are many more body language clue to look for as well, we’ll go into more detail in another post.

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