• I found an article titles “Sex and the Single Mom: What a Mom Wants” at Web MD courtesy of Redbook.

    I think this is one of the things applies to most women, single mom or not, although after reading her story I can see how it would apply to a woman who has kids and has to spend so much time making the plans. A few of my favorite quotes from the story:

    A friend of mine once told me that to a single working mom, the sexiest words in the English language are “I’ll take care of it.”

     It wasn’t his touch or his kiss. No, what really did it for me was his words: He started to tell me of our plans. He’d made dinner reservations at a different type of restaurant each night so that I could experience various parts of London; he had gotten theater tickets; there was a museum show he thought I might like; there were walks he wanted to take me on. He presented all this in the sweetest, least overbearing way, and I was deeply impressed — and touched — that he had put so much thought and effort into it.

     …but what really allowed me to let go (in all ways!) was the way that Daniel had taken responsibility for all the niggling logistics I was so used to dealing with, freeing me to think of other things. Or better yet, not to think at all

     But those days (and nights) with him taught me something I was in danger of forgetting: that true romance blossoms with the ability to fully depend on another person, knowing you don’t have to do everything alone.

    Now I must admit I am surprised that making plans resonated in her mind as more important than his touch, but after thinking about it, I guess it makes sense. From a man’s perspective I know it is quite stressful to make all the plans, fears of setting up something that she may not enjoy can leave you wondering if you should ask about all the things you are considering. I try to find as much about my potential date before making plans. Types of music and things she enjoys doing can make it a bit easier to scan the possibilities. After reading her story though, I imagine just having everything taken care of will make for a good date, even if all the activities are not exactly the ones she would have chosen, the act of not having to choose in itself can be a little vacation. I will remember to put aside my perfectionism when planning next time and offer a mini vacation for my next date.

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